19th Annual Hall of Fame Dinner
October 29, 2021

The 2020 Hall of Fame Nominees will be inducted at the 2021 Hall of Fame dinner on October 29, 2021.  Congratulations to Rev. George Knab OMI 1957 – Paul Willax  1957 – Patrick Broderick 1961 – James Mendola 1965 – Carl Vizzi 1966 – Dennis Gilhooley 1975.  Reservation forms and more information are available at Events – Hall of Fame Dinner

Mailers and Constant Contact Update
All USPS address on file should receive the Hall of Fame flyer. All emails on file should receive an email from BishopFallon.org@gmail.com via Constant Contact. If you do not, please send an email advising of your current email to BishopFallon.org@gmail.com

All Year Reunion – Recap
The All Year Reunion was held on August 7.  Over 120 classmates participated in this years event. The Class of 1970 converted a student produced film in 1970 as a recruitment tool. It was converted to video and projected onto a large screen that drew a large audience. The film is available here on YouTube   The group picture below and additional 1970 Class photos are available here

The class of 1965 posted this picture on the “Bishop Fallon Alumni”  Facebook Public Group.

Class of 1965

Currently there are 87 members from all classes. Check it out. You might be surprised who is a member. Consider joining the group.

Joseph Tomasulo ’50  Board of Directors passing
On August 19, 2021, we lost the senior classmate of the Bishop Fallon High School & Holy Angels Collegiate Institute Board of Directors, Joseph Tomasulo, HACI Class of 1950.  Joe was the Alumni Board’s liaison to Holy Angels Collegiate Institute where the Oblate Education Tradition in Western New York began. He was a long time and active member of the Alumni Board who always had a kind word and smile for those he met. Joe was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2008. He was there when we moved to the new campus on Main St so long ago. Joe would remind us of our roots and then watched as we all experienced the years that followed.  (Obituary)

Bishop Fallon Alumni on Facebook
There is a Public Group called Bishop Fallon Alumni on Facebook.com
Currently there are 87 members. There is also a Class of 1965 and there may be other groups. Check it out. You might be surprised who is a member. Consider joining the group.

All Hall of Fame Members
A message to all Hall of Fame members regarding continuation of your involvement in the Alumni Association and the closing of Holy Angels Parish and  is available at  Hall of Fame members letter  The message is open to all classmates who may be interested as well. 

Classmates.com  Update
The 1966 & 1967 yearbooks have been submitted to Classmates.com  and are now online for viewing.  The 1952, 1961, and 1962 are also available. The entire series of yearbooks will eventually be sent in for digitizing.

1944 Graduate’s Passing
A member of our second graduating class has passed. Joseph Strain passed away on July 15th of 2020. The average age of those graduates from 1943, 44, and 45 would be 95 years old. The youngest members from the class of 1975 &76 is approximately 63. May we all live a long healthy life as Joe did.

Collecting of BFHS-HACI Memorabilia 
As many of us start to downsize, what to do with our “high school stuff” is a topic we will all face.  If your interested in contributing to the association collection, contact  John Leising ’75 at jfleis100@aol.com

Recently Deceased

    • David B. Quigley ’71 September 1, 2021 (Obituary)
    • Michael Kurzdorfer ’66 August 26, 2021 (Obituary)
    • Joseph R. Tomasulo ’50 HoF 2008, BoD  August 19, 2021  (Obituary)
    • Salvatore J.Buscarino ’74  August 18, 2021 (Obituary)
    • James Sittnick ’66 May 29, 2021 (Obituary)
    • Paul R. Schmidt ’62 May 25, 2021 (Obituary)
    • Anthony N. Diina ’65 HoF 2011, April 20, 2021 (Obituary)
    • Charles E. Roessler ’63 April 18, 2021 (Obituary)
    • Robert D. DiCesare ’52 April 6, 2021 (Obituary)
    • Dale M. Metzger ’71 March 29. 2021 (Obituary)
    • Thomas M. Christopher ’58 March 12, 2021 (Obituary)
    • Carmen Notaro ’58 January 25, 2021 (Obituary)
    • Timothy E. Sullivan ’68 January 31, 2021
    • Vincent Pantano ’55 January 11, 2021 (Obituary)
    • Joseph A Sciandra ’72 December 31, 2020 (Obituary)
    • Thomas Morrissey ’63 November, 2020
    • Paul E. Weiser ’61 September 26, 2020   (Obituary)
Deceased Recently Updated
  • Harry Logel ’55  Faculty 1960-1975 – July 17, 2019  (Obituary) (updated 7/14/2021)
  • Dennis Barone ’66 May 16, 2008 (updated 7/6/2021)
  • Charles Macris ’67 (updated 4/2/2021)
  • Howard Gillette ’62,  June 15, 2020 (updated 3/22/2021)