Save the Dates

2024 Golf Tournament – June 17, 2024
2024 All Years’ Reunion – August 3, 2024

2024 Hall of Fame Dinner – October 25, 2024

20th Annual Michael P. Kirwan Memorial Golf Tournament
The golf tournament will be held Monday, June 17, 2024 at the Fox Valley Golf Club. Proceeds provide scholarships for Catholic Education. GET YOUR FOURSOME TOGETHER TODAY! For more information click on Tournament

Hall of Fame nominations are due by June 1st of each year for consideration in 2024 and beyond. Nomination forms are available on the website at Hall of Fame in the menu or click here

Board of Director Updates
Richard Hall ’70, is moving up from 2nd to 1st Vice-President replacing a member who has left the board. Joe Barrile ’69 will serve as 2nd Vice-President. Joe is also responsible for Web and Address Updates. To see all the current Board members click here

  Richard Hall ’70        Joe Barrile ’69

African American Heritage Award 
George Scott ’75 and 2016 Hall of Famer received an award on December 9 from Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor. Read more on FaceBook at Bishop Fallon Friends

Michael Eichler, ’68 alumnus and playwright, and Kyle LoConti, director, collaborated with student performers to bring a reading of SIXTY NINE SEVENTY to the JVL Alumni & Visitor Center on Saturday October 18. Fallon and Buff State classmate, Joe Barrile ’69 provided video and audio support for the reading. 

Introducing the 2023 Hall of Fame inductees

Vincent Ingrando ’66
John “Jack” Dumpert ’60
Rev. Leonard Sudlik ’66
Donald Spasiano ’68
Vincent Sanchez ’63

They were inducted at the Hall of Fame dinner October 20, 2023.


Bishop Fallon Shirts
Golf style short sleeve with an embroider BFHS logo will be available at the All Year Reunion for purchase. The cost will be $35.00. You may wish to pre-order due to size availability. Send your request to [email protected]


Bishop Fallon Alumni on Facebook
There is a Public Group called Bishop Fallon Alumni on Facebook.com
Currently there are 237 members. Facebook has “Bishop Fallon Friends” a private group has 125, members. There is also a Class of 1965 and there may be other groups. Check it out. You might be surprised who is a member. Consider joining the group.

Constant Contact and Mailer Update
All emails on file should receive an email from [email protected] via Constant Contact. If you do not, please send an email advising of your current email to [email protected]

1970 Recruitment Movie
The Class of 1970 made a student produced recruitment film in 1970.  The film is available here on YouTube  You may recognize many faculty and staff from the past.

Collecting of BFHS-HACI Memorabilia 
As many of us start to downsize, what to do with our “high school stuff” is a topic we will all face.  If your interested in contributing to the association collection, contact  John Leising ’75 at [email protected]

Recently Deceased

    • John H. “Jack” Gray ‘ 68 November 18, 2023 (Obituary)
    • Howard “Bud” Wilcox – ’62 November 5, 2023 (Obituary)
    • John P. Seitz ’61 November 2, 2023 (Obituary)
    • John Chimera ’64 October 31, 2023 (Obituary)
    • Charles DiGangi ’65 October 20, 2023 (Obituary)
    • Lawrence C. “Larry” Colucci ’67 August 21, 2023 (Obituary)
    • Cornelius J. “Neil” Sullivan ’57 August 9, 2023 (Obituary)
    • Michael Campanella ’67 July 13, 2023 (Obituary)
    • Mr. Stanley Cieslar Faculty 1960-1972 June 24, 2023 (Obituary)
    • Julius Jr. (Gyula) Varosy ’61 May 18, 2023 (Obituary)
    • Marek Usewicz ’65 May 16, 2023 (Obituary)
    • Mark J. Gioele, ’75 May 15, 2023 (Obituary)
    • Richard W. Degnan ’63 April 21, 2023 (Obituary)
    • Michael J. Ball ’70 March 26, 2023 (Obituary)
    • David A. Vitagliano ’75 March 3, 2023 (Obituary)
    • Dennis Ryan ’61 February 22, 2023 (Obituary)
    • Michael Gleason ’70 February, 2023 (Obituary)
Deceased Recently Updated
    • Charles J. “Chuck” Battaglia ’59 (Updated 02/04/2024)
    • Gerard Kelly ’67; Thomas Muscato ’67; Richard Robinson ’67; Salvatore J. Saletta (Updated 9/8/2023)
    • Terrance H. Brown ’61 (Updated 4/19/2023)
    • James R. Ratel ’61 (Updated 4/19/2023)
    • Joseph F. Battaglia ’66 February 25, 2022. (Obituary) (Updated 3/2/2023)