Class of ’69 50th Reunion

First, Thank you all for the positive comments both in emails, text messages, phone calls, and notes included in the mail! Lou and I do really appreciate the thoughts. Now for the highlights and observations…

Having done the building tour before, I couldn’t help watching and hearing the memories expressed by the rest of the group. Many suggested others should definitely go the next time.

Fr Dan was right when he told me not to worry about the count for the mass and moving to Chefs would be for the best. Over 25 attended before the dinner. I think Reconciliation was a major incentive for some but the Mass participation was amazing.

Name tags helped but after 15 minutes they could have been easily been discarded as the years seemed to have never passed. During drinks and dinner, the 42 attendees remembered the 16 classmates who have left us and those who could not attend.

The microphone was passed around and stories were told and enhanced. Many there were unaware of some of them even after 50 years. Memories of faculty and events varied from supportive to survival.

Our servers even complemented us on how nice the group was. They were a little surprised that we went through bottles of Dewers, Jack Daniel’s, cases of beer, and a lot more than that. As I thought “Not bad for a bunch of old guys but they should have seen us in our prime”

Thanks to Steve Reinhardt and others, we will have a massive amount of pictures and videos to post. Once we have them compiled, we’ll post them via a link I’ll send out to everyone.

The link below is to a “live” photo on the FB Bishop Fallon Alumni group. Press the sunburst symbol to see all of the photo.  Face Book Link

Hopefully, we will see more of you at Lou’s impromptu lunch/dinner get togethers. Remember when your coming in to Buffalo, let Lou know. He’ll tell the “Community”.

It was fantastic to see and talk to you all last night!